Sunday, August 30, 2015


On August 22, 2015 at the GRAND BALLROOM of the Radisson Hotel in Aurora, Colorado … HUNT for the CURE was held for the first time, and we feel we were actually able to bring a more enlightened awareness to a debilitating disease, called Leukemia.

Although the amount of funds and resources it has taken to see this event through: has far exceeded any contributions, we were able to contribute an additional $1,300.00 dollars to help and aid in the research efforts in fighting Blood Cancers. 

When Charles Martin Hunt succumbed to the effects of Leukemia on September 23, 2014 it definitely changed the course of a great many lives, and has already gone on to 'touch' the lives of many others. It is of course, what we are hoping will continue to happen in the future, which is eminently important to a great many folks.  

Leukemia has been termed a ‘Roll of the Dice’ disease, and no one really knows how a person contracts the disease, although it continues to devastate the lives of millions of people around the world, and very excruciating to watch much less be closely related to anything this debilitating.  

My sister Peggy Hunt, who being married to Charlie for more than thirty years, and his primary care giver in the last two and half years of his time on earth, was not only devastated over Charlie's passing, but left 'Holding the Bag' and not really knowing where to turn, as it nearly sapped the very essence of LIFE from her as well. 

As LIFE continued unfolding, Peggy began to wonder, saying; "Mason, why don't we have a concert for Charlie, and invite his friends and anyone who would like to come?" 

Of course, I loved the idea, and wanted to build upon a belief and ideology that stems from a simple concept: charity begins 'In Our Own Backyard' and, what better 'something' could we do, than to start 'something' that will grow into 'something' greater, all from the efforts of a man, who literally gave his LIFE? Otherwise ... it is 'something' that would not or could have happened without Charlie, and thus HUNT for the CURE.

While we are as yet a non profit organization, we have already accumulated the necessary paperwork which is called; 501 (c) 3 to file with the State of Colorado. 

As we spoke about it, we came to the conclusion that we could work in making it an annual event through the efforts of our company America's Coast to Coast Entertainment Network, believing it gives us an even greater 'Purpose' realizing ... we have been on this path for as long as we can remember, albeit being as distracted with the effects of LIFE happening to each of us, every day as we keep moving forward. What else can we do? 

And so, Peggy who financed our efforts ... secured August 22, 2015, as the day of our dinner concert at the Radisson Hotel, which is Charlie's birthday. We hired The Delta Sonics, voted Denver’s Best Blues Band for the last five consecutive years, when our previous efforts to hire another iconic talent fell through. But, it was Al Chesisx, the band leader who stepped up and gave us more hope and inspiration. 

While we prepaid for the GRAND BALL ROOM itself, including the band, audio engineers, dinner, appetizers and other cost factors, we began calling upon local businesses here in Aurora to help in contributing merchandise for a SILENT AUCTION. Peggy and I literally 'Cold Called' everyone we came into contact with ... who would listen. We were lucky to have been involved with people like Tim Tripp of Grizzly Creek Framing, Tom Noll, Las Hadas, Finish Line Car Wash, Dry Dock Brewery, 2 local Home Depot and 1 K-Mart stores, Natural Grocers, Arthur Murray Dance Studio, Elvis Cinemas, The Movie Tavern, Avalanche and Mile High Harley Davidson, The Fresh Fish Company and Nick's Garden Center. 

And, not only were local businesses instrumental in helping, we were lucky to enlist the help also from the City of Aurora's Fire and Police Chief's and the City's Golf course, who contributed 'Ride a Longs' with the police and fire departments and rounds of golf among other factors ... that did help us make the evening a success.

Meanwhile, we happened upon several serendipitous contacts including, the Infinity Wellness Center with Dr. Tim Cummins who also happens to be working toward a cure as well, and it was through the help of Dr. Cummins whose staff helped in running the Silent Auction that we were able to present an evening that was considered a success among those who were there. 
So many details were important factors, but we were constantly told; "This is the beginning and you're paving the way, for something greater, and you will see how this will come to LIFE."   

While we did give away many more tickets than we sold, we did see approximately 80 to 100 people during the event, with many thanks to Dr. Michael Maris, Carol Sazama, Rene' Nicolosi, Sandra Jarock, Tony & Kim Plough and so many others who were so kind to help us in seeing things through and wanting to help us in next years event. 

Also thanks to Dallas Bligh from The Radisson Hotel who is also donating a $1.00 toward every drink sold during the event. While the bar took in about $1,000.00 dollars, the $106.00 is being added to the total we are donating, which makes our efforts a success. 

The bottom line result is simply this; Peggy Hunt funded and helped create HUNT for the Cure but, had Charlie not contracted Leukemia ... none of this would have taken place. And yet, with all that can be done, we have to start somewhere in an effort to do something worthwhile 'In Our Own Backyard.' 

We are compiling letters to those businesses and City of Aurora folks who were involved ... and are looking very much forward to seeing those efforts coming even more to fruition, now that we've covered so much ground. And, when we are able to have our web platform launched into existence ... The Delta Sonics are already wanting to be involved and we are hoping others are willing as well. 

The Infinity Wellness Center is already on board, and looking for the second annual HUNT for the Cure to be three times the success. 

In the meantime, please keep us in mind as we keep moving our efforts for JST KLSX and America's Coast to Coast Entertainment Network as the organizer and promoter. 

Thank you - Mason Ramsey

Monday, June 01, 2015


Peggy Hunt & Shawn Marie Neville
Mason on the Emerald Coast Beach
We made it back from The Emerald Coast and have already been working on continued efforts in piecing together the 'things' that: I've been working on for years … as usual. 

Of course it felt great being on the beach and in a surrounding that gives a person, pause for thought. Almost feels like 'The Second Time Around' ... Shalimar.   

"I Have My Own Vision."
Yep ... I refuse to give up the ghost, although it may look insane to others when I am seen talking to myself.

Austin Irabor from California has been working on the developmental aspects for our new web platform for more than a month or so, and we have paid him greatly in working to help us get something reasonably easy to work with, while maintaining a visual image that will work in tandem with our audio image.

I am awaiting to see this 'New' platform as much as anyone, especially if I get to see it being directly responsible for 'That change' I've been envisioning for so long.

Of course, my desires have been very lofty since I have worked in the radio broadcasting industry and have worked with more than a few professional entities … where personality and professionalism work very well with one another. Can you imagine what it will look and sound like, when those people take an active interest?

Now imagine the character of those individuals seasoning the look and sound of JST KLSX? My only thoughts; Audio and Visually Beautiful!

I see no reason why this could not happen in my own little world, regardless of what others believe. Once the right radio personalities who retain the same characteristics and qualities of the team come together, those skills can be directed very nicely within a format that will undoubtedly create great tremendous interest.

Our efforts in hosting our 'Concert Event' on August 22, 2015 at The Radisson Hotel's GRAND BALL ROOM is being called HUNT for the CURE.

It will be a dinner concert in an Awareness campaign for The Leukemia Foundation here in Denver, Colorado August 22, 2015.

We met with the Mile Harley Davidson folks here in Aurora before taking off for the Gulf Coast, and it is with pleasure that I can say; they have agreed to work in collaboration with us on HUNT for the CURE. And, it looks like we’re going to make it an all-day affair with an existing event called HOT AUGUST NIGHTS for BBQ, drinks and music at the dealership, and later moving to The Radisson Hotel with more entertainment, music and dinner and giveaway's. 

Of course, we’re still working on more of the details as time is winding down. Of course, folks will have an opportunity to stay overnight with reduced room rates for the event, so it looks like it will be a great day … all day long.

Our efforts to draw an awareness to The Leukemia Foundation stems from the loss of our family member, Charlie Hunt who passed over on September 20, 2014 and, to help in focusing our efforts in helping in any way that we can, including raising any money that will go directly to the foundation.

We have already secured the GRAND BALL ROOM for that evening of August 22, 2015 and have negotiated donations from  The Radisson Hotel for any portion of the drinks that evening, while $20.00 for every ticket sold will also go directly to the The Leukemia Foundation. 

Tickets to the evening concert are limited and will include at the dinner and sponsorship giveaways. Sponsors will be able to enjoy a vendor set up at the hotel on that day while any sponsorship monies will also be donated directly.

The DELTA SONICS, rated Denver's best Blues Band for the last four years will be performing, and we couldn't be more excited. Austin has promised something this week and, it won't be long before our new chat room and web site/s will be operational ... if I do understand what we paid for is coming into focus. It has always been a dream to have a multi-dimensional web presence on the Internet for our radio station JST KLSX and our core web site -

It is hopeful that we will have an opportunity to make the tickets available through our new web platform or; at least in selling them directly to individuals or corporations who wish to help us in this event with The Radisson Hotel, The Mile High Harley Davidson and The Leukemia Foundation.

I have a lot of work to accomplish, and really aiming for a successful event with HUNT for the CURE and HOT AUGUST NIGHTS.

There is a lot to be done, and I believe it won't be long before we are ‘LIVE’ and on the air again with JST KLSX.

For now, I continue working and planning, so you know what I am doing, while the music keeps me company at least.

Please feel free to email me if you like;

Mason Ramsey

Friday, April 17, 2015


Hello folks, I haven't written a blog in over a year, because of the insurmountable issues we were facing since beginning our journey with America's Coast to Coast Entertainment Network

My personal LIFE has gotten in the middle of the dream and desires that ended up conflicting with the economic meltdown in 2008 of our country, and  those issues in our society. 

Without going into a whole lot of detail, we ended up having to 'tear down' the original studios and have been pretty much operating hand to mouth, while I was dealing with the judicial system over those issues. 

Yet, we seem to have popped up on the other side and are in much better place, and have once again begun moving forward. Revamping our computers in updates and reconnecting the network is taking a little bit of time, but we do feel things are happening as they should, and are working to maintain that positive attitude.

While we were in the temporary places, our Internet provider was constantly a technical problem resulting in so many of connection problems, while I worked in maintaining a desire to keep things 'Rockin' and Rollin' along. It truly was very aggravating. But, now that we are in this new place, I've been told that; we are on a more stable platform and all of those technical issues pertaining to 'Transformers, Nodes and Line / Noise Issues' from the old place are not going to follow us. 

Now that we are in 'Our Own' place, we can work on returning to the stability of programming and publishing. 

While I do have the signal back up and some temporary music playing, I have contracted with a web technician who is working to 'Build Out' our platform, and hopefully I will be able to return to our networking platform easily ... so that our automation will work effectively. This will in turn give us back the socially interactive capabilities to our friends who have been following us for these few years. 

In doing so, this gives us another step in returning to a 'Live' aspect, so we can begin taking calls from people who wish to stay in touch with us on  our radio station and web site/s --- and JST KLSX

Our business acumen is very important and also something that I have been working on constantly, so we can ensure the legality of our efforts without further problems.

In short, we have gotten rid of the issues that have plagued us over the years, so I can at least concentrate on the development of our programming, format and ideology for entertainment and publishing of our company. 

I really have spent a great deal of time in gathering not only data files and producing programming, but in financial projections for our company that will mean something so much greater for the future. I can only hope that people will understand the tremendous effort that it has taken to hold onto something that will mean so much, not only for me ... but for others as well. 

The information, education and entertainment does mean something so much more than people may realize, when it comes to the 'New Cultural Mainstream' media applications for myself, this company and people in general. 

I promise to keep things more short and to the point, since I am looking to work with those personalities and professionals who can read my business plan and are willing to be just as involved and passionate as I have been in the past and the foreseeable future. 

Hiring the twenty two personality and professionals for America's Coast to Coast Entertainment Network will not be easy, but when those people 'Come Aboard' ... the results will be phenomenal. This is not something that I have undertaken lightly, while I have taken great efforts in seeing it through,regardless of those obstacles we've faced in the past.

When it comes to the music and entertainment; it's the information and education of a society that will drive it into a 'New Cultural Mainstream.'

There is a great change in the way things are happening in this world, and I do see the potential as I have mentioned repeatedly over the years, as I muddle along in my efforts to make it happen. 

I sincerely hope those who have been following along, will be smiling as much as I will be when we begin seeing that; Great Change in a new object reality.

Thank you for the time and patience as always in being a very important part of 'My World.'

If you would like to communicate, I always look forward in receiving your emails. You may contact me using this email;

Sincerely, Mason Ramsey

p.s. I do have some news that I will be posting in approximately one week, that I truly hope will be met with acceptance and enthusiasm. Here's a brief hint: HUNT for the CURE.

Sunday, February 16, 2014


Yes, there is no doubt ... I know I have changed! Most certainly no denying any possibility there has been any doubt, as long as I continue to 'Think About it!' 

Even as I have been skimming along the surface, I have been looking as much as I can; below that surface, behind the curtain, through the language, in the music and through the mist only hoping to gain enough insight to make a connection that I would consider reasonably sane. In at least gathering enough information and experience to follow my nose, or those 'Instinctual Feelings' in knowing what 'Sanity' really is, at least in this world that I and you've been thrust into.

Unfortunately, a definition of 'Sane' is as speculative as the opinion of 'The Professionals' schooled enough in obtaining a 'Degree' or 'Certificate of Merit' to make such a determination for any Society.

With that 'Thought in Mind' ... I can only personally attest to the experience that has been garnered over forty plus years of experience (as a professional in my career) ... living through the 'Music' as much as the 'World History' itself ... and I believe that makes me at least one thing, a 'Musical Archeologist' if anything ... but without the 'Piece of Paper.' 
So I have been guessing; This makes me a living, breathing natural historian which among every other explanation: an expert in the 'Knowledge' that I have bequeathed thus far.

I have almost as much education as the richest men and women on this planet, and not nearly enough than the poorest of those people, who inhabit this world. Yet I know about 'The Beatles' who have just celebrated fifty years of 'Their' career that is actually; older than the zero times zero starting point when they arrived in the United States to launch the 'British Invasion' in 1964.

How many people are willing to think in such terms? Are we the 'Middle Children of History?'

You decide your own level of involvement, in how much you think you know about LIFE and the World around you. How do you feel about 'The LIFE' you are living? How are we able to entertain a notion, without 'Letting Go' as much as working to 'Craft a Reality' that entertains your every notion of what 'Our Lives' mean, or how it is being defined ... everyday?
I recently read another paper from Dr. Robert Lanza, who is physically all but about seven and a half months older than myself, but much farther along in 'Advance Thinking' and who has recently published another article called; "A Theory of Everything" ... but Dr. Robert Lanza has only come to my attention in the last several weeks. Nevertheless, Dr. Robert Lanza is a renowned scientist with many published papers on the subjects of Regenerative Medicine, Cloning, The Essentials of Stem Cell Biology, Tissue Engineering and one book from 2009, which I have yet to read called; Biocentrism: How Life and Consciousness are the Keys to Understanding the Universe.

However, with the 'Thought Processes' and research as an individual without the 'Clinical Education' ... I have come to many of the 'Common Sense' and 'Core Beliefs' that are inherently possible ... believing that 'Consciousness' plays a key and pivotal role ... and VERY MUCH the reason ... I have to keep BELIEVING and holding to the FAITH that what I am doing in this world remains as important to the WHOLE of the UNIVERSE ... including the continued development of America's Coast to Coast Entertainment Network.  

Primarily because ... it is something I am thinking about and working to bring into focus as a reality. You see ... I have had this 'Grain of Sand' implanted in my mind that has to be the 'Acorn' of fertility that springs 'The Mighty Oak.' 

So as the great Scientist and philosophers of our previous generations from the beginning of TIME have been 'Directing' this continued 'Theory' ... it becomes even more pronounced as we live our lives ... day to day in search of answers that have been plaguing 'Our' minds, whether you're a professional doctor, philosopher, spiritualist, scientist, shaman or musicologist or a 'Damn Dumb Disc Jockey' with fanciful notions of success in LIFE

It is the belief that LIFE and biology are central to reality and that life creates the universe, as Dr. Robert Lanza continues to believe and not the other way round, while furthering to postulate that a person's consciousness determines the shape and size of objects in the universe. In other words; It's the 'Thought that Counts' and the 'Size' of a dream, based wholly on the 'Belief in a Faith' that ... it is all possible.

More and more 'Experts' are claiming evidence to confirm an existence beyond this LIFE or DEATH as some believe ... and it all lies in a quantum physics realm.

The bottom line explains Professor Lanza: "What you see could not be present without your consciousness, Our consciousness makes sense of the world."

Now, you may realize in how I have come to 'Make Sense' of the world in how I've been working to produce JST KLSX and and the NEW SOCIAL Networking platform 

and working to 'Create' an 'Entity' that not only is historical, but operates in the present while announcing a future and NEW Cultural Mainstream. 

The very idea and 'Theory of Everything' has a relevant place in the UNIVERSE and is taught by JESUS CHRIST. In Mark Chapter 9:23 Jesus has said the same thing with regard to beliefs; Jesus said unto him, "If thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth."

It's that 'Thought' Professor Lanza also states, and I agree wholeheartedly; "Life is an adventure that transcends our ordinary linear way of thinking."

Of course, I've been on this path for quite some time, with a belief in this company, the music, information and entertainment ... and I guess was and have been looking for not only the support of our fans and an audience ... but a little 'Validity' that, yes "It can happen, just the way I've envisioned it! And I can be the vessel in which it comes to past in a future destined to transcend TIME itself."

Similarly, theoretical physicists believe there is an infinite number of Universes with different variations of people, and situations, taking place simultaneously. So why can it not be possible ... here in this 'Realm' ... if you have those who are willing to accept the 'Thoughts' of ONE to become the 'Thinking' of the masses? and JST KLSX became a thought for a generation of people not unlike myself who came to believe the WORLD was something as being the 'GREATEST Generation' for music and LIFE. But then again, the 'Past, Present and the Future' have always been here ... simultaneously ... if we really think about it.

Read more:

Other books on the subject range from Michael Talbot's series on 'Beyond the Quantum,' 'The Holographic Universe' to Neville's, 'The Resurrection,' 'The Law and the Promise' ... the King James version of The Bible and a whole ton of research papers from other Scientific greats including Albert Einstein, Max Planck, Kurt Gödel, Schrödinger and so many others, that; it's become an obsession.

According to all that we know is that; 'Our Dreams' can be our realities ... if we think about it from not only a conscious mind, but also from our sub conscious mind.  Our consciousness makes sense of the world, and can be altered to change this interpretation.

So I am going to believe as always ... that I will be in the business of America's Coast to Coast Entertainment Network ... working on ' A THEORY of EVERYTHING' when it comes to living a life in publishing, from every point of view and interconnectedness.  

I LOVE MUSIC, MOVIES, The WORLD and LIFE and look forward to those 'Like Minded' folks who are willing to LOVE the same things.  

"Once this theory about space and time being mental constructs is accepted, it means the idea of immortality can exist in a world without spatial or linear boundaries." 

We can do it ... or I can. I have already invested a LIFE'S work in a 'Thought' ... that has not come fully to its completion ... and I am looking very much to the future of JST KLSX and this company. 

Thank you for taking the time in reading, and in comprehending ... that you too are as important to me as is the concept and ideology. I want to continue learning and understanding ... while the natural laws of the Universe ... Rock and Rolls!

Mason Ramsey

"It's only after we've lost everything, that we are free to do anything." 

Wednesday, February 05, 2014


For those who are not aware ... I have been an avid movie goer and music for as long as I can ever hope to remember, and it has ... only as a testament, served to remind me as to; 'What's Going On' in the world around us. 

Reflection versus the experiences that we as a person have endured over a 'Linear Time Line' only gives us a greater understanding with respect to one or more variables in our lives, at least from the moment that we are born, until the time that we die (At least from the physical point of view, using our five natural senses) until we start using our other senses to help in completing the equation of understanding.

It's not only the movies in our culture but also the media in our society publishing the articles, books, music, and main stream opinions that will determine 'Our' society's policies and lifestyle. 

However, from those sources we often do not equate the 'Common Sense' values as a whole, primarily from a growing and diverse population of people who do not for reasons among many, grasp the severity of a dysfunctional race of human beings that we are becoming ... solely because of 'Their' personal beliefs either racial, religious or otherwise. 

Given that our world is rapidly changing and I for one, having been here on the planet for more than a half a century and already having experienced more truths and lies ... can only express an opinion from what I have already gleamed from those accounts. Not only from my perspective, but also from the world around me, because ... it is affecting me, and my dreams, or is it reality?

Through my constant planning, research and quest for further understanding ... I realize that we're all living under the 'Yoke' of an economic collar enslaving us all, but it's also become inherently so obvious that: it's not so much the money that makes the world go around, it's the injustice of a society in not following its own rules, by a growing minority of wealthy persons who are manipulating the system in favor of 'Their' positions in 'Our' society. 

In working to create a position for myself, from a career that began in the mid-seventies, I have seen our society changing and slowly constricting itself through varying means, mainly being unable to communicate with one another in our own household. 

In one of the most recent movies that I attended was with my oldest daughter, Shanna, whose come to live with me and my wife, because her own LIFE is in turmoil, while she works in getting herself back on her feet ... was; August: Osage County.

Already under a tremendous amount of stress, I say watching this movie was something that ... I could have written when it 'Hit Me' emotionally in the solar plexus in the core of my being.

As the credits were rolling, I stood and lowered my cap over my eyes, and began walking brusquely hoping to cover the 'Welling Up' of my emotions as DeAnn asked; "Dad, what's the matter?" 

I kept walking trying to stay ahead of her, only because I wasn't able to respond audibly, "Dad, what happened, what's wrong with you?"

Pausing in the hallway, I said in halted breath; "DeAnn, don't you see what's going on around you? Not only in this country, the world ... but in this family?" 

There was nothing more disturbing than watching this movie of a dysfunctional family, when it 'Mirrored' my own emotions as I wholly related to Julia Roberts as a character ... frustrated by the family dynamics. But, also because I saw the relative nature of the other characters in the movie, in how they they themselves resembled those around me, especially where nothing has been really resolved to any greater satisfaction. I could have written that screenplay, but to what end?

"That's what's wrong!" I said, immediately walking from the theater.

That same frustration has been raging in my LIFE as I've been working to develop America's Coast to Coast Entertainment Network, as a company, in a world that is becoming increasingly dysfunctional. The frustration of having a knowledge and experience, only to see that knowledge and experience 'Fly in the Face' of reason and 'Common Sense.' 

Most who read this article or 'Blog' will not even gather an inkling of understanding of what it is I could be talking about, unless ... 'You' are willing to take a closer look at the third and fourth dimensional aspects of what I have been through. Only ... for most people, they are only looking at LIFE from a face value, or a mere cross section of 'My LIFE' as opposed to opening the 'Little Boxes' that make up the whole of any LIFE in which they come in contact with.

While Peter Seeger, an American folk singer and activist wrote "Little Boxes" ... a song written by Malvina Reynolds in 1962 and became a hit for Seeger in 1963 ... it is a song regarding political satire in the nature and development of suburbia and associated with a conformist middle class attitude that was prevailing in that 'Time'  ... and that 'Time' was in 1963.

And yet, here we are a little more than a half a century later, not realizing what's still happening to us, when artist like Peter Seeger was already influencing 'Society' ... but how many have been paying attention ... much less doing something about it, then ... as much as today?

Pete Seeger is quoted as saying; "Participation ... that's what's going to change the human race."
As I have grown older and hoping, wiser ... I realize that we as individuals are responsible for others, as much to ourselves ... believing that: "Our lives are not our own, but we are inexplicably tied to one another ... from womb to tomb, throughout eternity ... past to present, and with every act of kindness or crime ... we birth a new future."

The problem is this; We all have our own problems that we as a family, friends, co-workers, associates and business people are only conscious of the very present set of circumstances staring us in the face at the time, only failing to realize that: our actions from the past and the present are so important to the future. 

Adopting an attitude that revels in not only Science Fact, bordering on Science Fiction and salted with the Spiritual, Religious and Metaphysical does of 'Common Sense' only gives me a greater understanding of those I come into contact with, not only with family and friends, but with those artists / groups of creative folks who are coming in contact with 'My LIFE' on a daily basis ... because there is a 'Purpose' far greater than my mortal comprehension. 

It's people like Rich Spina, who is as talented as a singer and song writer in this 'Time' as he was when he started his career ... that is still creating, producing and touching other people's lives. Not only as a member of a former ICONIC band containing one fifth of the original members ... but within his own right as a musician, as much as his current band mates Billy Sullivan or Vance Brescia supporting the original front man Peter Noone

The point is this; We as individuals are still traveling along a 'Linear Time Line' and still working much like Jim Price from The Apollos who are holding onto a love of the world in which we were so confidently assured that, America was something more ... not only in the government and people ... but the music and attitudes of those who are the core of that country and its way of LIFE.

Because I have been 'Juggling' the world around me, when it comes to business, I have had to involve myself in a lot of legal research into not only areas of Law, but also of business ... believing in the concepts and ideology of a future, in which I believe are: totally feasible. 

However, the 'Society' in which we are living, seems to be one of increasing 'Lawlessness' when it comes to that 'Society' from an authoritative perspective are not following the Laws in which it has mandated.

So when there are people in the 'Society' working to create business, or in following the laws or a manner of business in which 'We' are met repeatedly with opposition, when there is clearly no reason for failure, when so much work has been accomplished that would endure success ... only to have 'The rug ripped out from under you' ... leaves much to be desired.

Having put together a great business plan, projections, concept and ideologies ... only stiffens 'My' resolve ... because I am a BELIEVER. 

This is 'My Country' and I was born into a 'Way of LIFE' that taught me something that I cannot turn my back on, although ... I now realize; there's "ALWAYS TWO SIDES" and that has never been more true than the last six years of 'My LIFE' even as that understanding and shift began in the early eighties. 

I wasn't paying as much attention to what was going on around me then, as much as I have been lately, and now ... I am hoping that 'My Participation' will help in changing the human race ... because, I am in it. Whether I am in it or the one creating it ... I'm still working to see it come to fruition ... and for those around me. 

In closing; What we are seeing in this country is a parallel existence of two Cultural Mainstreams, but it is the alternate CULTURAL MAINSTREAM in which we are all increasingly becoming more aware ... and becoming interconnected. but; we have to continue in paying attention. 

While, I am a broadcasting professional with more than just a few 'Set Skills' and an entrepreneur; it should not disqualify me from achieving a goal of excellence in this ever changing American landscape, where the economics are unjustly biased against those who are working to hold onto that; 'Way of LIFE' ... that has still been moving along this very same 'Time Line' of LIFE.

While some may think it crazy to think in such ways, I really do not care ... only because I believe in what I have seen, lived and experienced. Anyone who cares to understand more than just the 'Face' of what 'We' or 'I' am coming to be ... because of what I have experienced in a leading role ... may only lend to more credence to our success

I am and have been here, not only since 1956 ... but, according to the SCIENCE of DNA and the HOLY NATURE of GOD since time began, through my ancestors who were tied to those others around them. And, while I was not physically here when Etta James first broached the world, I have been influenced by her talents, as much as those who helped produce her ... and was able to know that; Etta was still here up until 2012 ... but will forever be embraced by her presence and her music as it still reverberates through 'My Cultural Mainstream' and; I was able to traverse some of that 'Time' with her ... while she was here and since she's been gone.

It's called 'M' theory which is an extension of 'String' theory ... and all that matters is;  "Different types of observed elementary particles arise from the different quantum states." 

In other words; What I am attempting to do, is possible based on those involved and 'Their' participation. We are more than the music, but it's the music which binds us and turns us into the elemental pieces of the puzzle when coming together ... but, there's "Always Two Sides" that are forever looping through time as we know it.

Come join us ... if you've gotten anything from this article or 'Blog' --- It's your participation that changes the Human race.  I would love to share not only the music, but the truth and light as it shines in 'Our' world.


Mason Ramsey